Website Translation

Dúrud supplies translations of websites, including ones with a heavy technical content, such as that of engineering firm mSemicon Teoranta,

Dúrud translated the following sites:

Expono - this is a site to publish and share photographs.

Plurk - this is a popular microblogging site similar to Twitter.

Meebo - this is an instant messaging site that allows you to chat with friends and others. - this magical site transforms videos to music files. It takes videos from YouTube or similar sites and transforms them into MP3 files so that you can listen to your favourite music.

Dúrud discusses in detail the project at hand, in order to understand precisely what is required. Sometimes, the translation can be focussed on the target reader, who is easier to identify. Usually, however, the translation needs to be, and is, a reproduction of the original text in the target language.

A website presence in Irish can cater for the desire of local companies, particularly companies that are part of larger international groups, to enhance their relevance by demonstrating that they have an important role in serving a specific section of the local population, something that cannot be easily achieved from a base in another country. Dúrud is pleased to assist in this process.